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Deborah Lieberman is a Pittsburgh artist and arts educator. 

As an artist, my body of work focuses on women’s rights, empowerment, injustice, and the human struggle. In my collages, I use a variety of materials, textures, and color to represent the complexities of life. I like to connect my vision and voice with the things that are going on in the world. Symbolism is threaded throughout my work to bring attention to a deeper universal message. I do consider myself to be a surrealistic artist. I feel that Surrealism has the capacity to capture deep feelings and universal stories. 

The twilight space between dream time and awake time are a great source of my inspiration. While I am working, I am thinking about the environment, industrialism, women’s rights, race relations and where I fit. Similarly, when pieces come together in one of my collages they tell the story of these intersections. 

My creative process is also influenced by my children. I try to capture how they are impacted by their surroundings and social interactions. As, an arts educator, I bridge the gap between artist and teacher. The energy from my own process is shared with my students. 

Originally, I bought lots of art supplies, some of it was very expensive. Now, I try to but as little as possible and try to minimize my impact on the environment. I believe in sustainability and enjoy using whatever is around me to express myself. I feel that creating art should be self-empowering and accessible to all.

"The twilight space between dream time and awake time are a great source of my inspiration".

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